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            Nothing to report, really. I’m still typing up the story I wrote a couple of weeks ago. I feel like it’s good. The typing is going slowly. I keep changing words and the order of the sentences from what I originally put down in ink. I’m actually looking forward to revising this story. It’s definitely something I need to learn. Kit Reed ’s book Revision makes this sound exciting.             I’ve been steadily writing Morning Pages and doing Writing Practice . I’m getting quicker at the Morning Pages , finishing them in an hour. One thing I’ve been filling them up with is visions of the day ahead, as positive as possible. So I write things like there is a good service on the Northern Line or the computers work perfectly or the public are all well behaved and friendly . I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but it’s been a relatively calm week, unusual after a bank holiday.             I’ve also continued my non-jogging. I’ve tried jogging, but all I could think

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