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Nothing to report, really. I’m still typing up the story I wrote a couple of weeks ago. I feel like it’s good. The typing is going slowly. I keep changing words and the order of the sentences from what I originally put down in ink. I’m actually looking forward to revising this story. It’s definitely something I need to learn. Kit Reed’s book Revision makes this sound exciting. I’ve been steadily writing Morning Pages and doing Writing Practice. I’m getting quicker at the Morning Pages, finishing them in an hour. One thing I’ve been filling them up with is visions of the day ahead, as positive as possible. So I write things like there is a good service on the Northern Line or the computers work perfectly or the public are all well behaved and friendly. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but it’s been a relatively calm week, unusual after a bank holiday. I’ve also continued my non-jogging. I’ve tried jogging, but all I could think about was the effort I was making. I couldn’t dayd…

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