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                As you can probably see, last Friday I clicked the Send button and posted to this blog for the first time since May. If you read that piece, I hope you liked it; simply posting, for me, felt like an achievement. So did writing the original text, in my Marvel Superheroes notebook. It felt good. I felt alive.
                I was determined, too, to get the hang of this blogging lark. I sought out blogs by like-minded people. I leafed through Blogging For Dummies, etc; and found some blogs, like Stephanie Klein Greek Tragedy, and some web directories. I also looked in the comments sections of those blog posts, to see if there were some other potentials.
                It was a long slog. You might click on a link and find that the blogger last posted in 2009, or that the blog didn’t appeal to you. The search engines all seemed baffling.
                I found it of no use whatsoever to look through my Google Blogger profile and then click on my interests, favourite books, etc. Clicking on Doctor Who only seemed to bring up sites exclusively about the programme, written by rabid fans. I couldn’t ever seem to find a normal, friendly person who liked Doctor Who but who also had other interests. And nobody seems to be interested in the Quatermass serials except Paul Chown.
                Finally, I subscribed to these blogs, because they are funny and humane:

                 This post, by The Bloggess, helped me come to terms with the results of the US election:


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